a jam-heavy, song-oriented slice of the local world beat scene. The tunes rest on a laid-back pop-rock vibe spiced up with Latin percussion and a heavy dose of contemporary jazz shows Jinkus might be onto a ripe, new funky fusion sound.
— Miami New Times

Born and raised in Buenos Aires and then relocated in the US, inspired musically in the midsts of the chaos and magic of the cities of Buenos Aires, Boston, Miami, New York & São Paulo. There are not too many latin artists who embrace music the way Diego Jinkus does. Guitar player, singer, composer, producer, poet, filmmaker and Grammy voting member, Diego Jinkus has mixed Urban Soul Music with rock, funk, pop and brazilian rhythms. He can take you on a journey mixing english, spanish and portuguese.
Diego’s music has taken him to stages from all around the world to places such as New York, Puerto Rico, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and Buenos Aires.


His new album, “Amor Odio Risa Llanto” has received 3 pre nominations for the 57th American Grammys, including “Best New Artist”, “Album of the Year” and “Best Latin Pop/ Alternative Album” and 5 pre nominations for the 14th Latin Grammy, including “Best New Artist”, “Album of the Year”, “Best Pop Album” (although Diego insists that his music is more R&B, than Pop), “Best Production” and “Best Engineering”

When Diego Jinkus plays upbeat, there is no way for the crowd to stand still. When he slows down into a ballad, there’s no way the crowd won’t be touched, moved and inspired.